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November 2, 2021

Dear Standard SD Community:

As the District continues to move through the process of transitioning to “by-Trustee-area” elections under the legal requirements of the California Voting Rights Act (CVRA), we have reached a critical point.  The District is releasing two map options to the community for study and input.  Both of the map options being considered meet the legal requirements outlined in CVRA.   The District is providing multiple opportunities to the community to review and provide feedback over the next two months before the Board of Education votes on December 14, 2021, for a map that will be put into effect for the November 2022 Board elections.

This release of map options comes at the end of the “Pre-Map” period wherein the District engaged the community with two public hearings to solicit input before drawing map options. 

Each map option for consideration:

  1. Meets the equal population requirement (that each trustee area have equal population with up to a 10% variance);
  2. Increases the voting power of the largest protected classes in the District by Citizen Voting Age Population (CVAP/eligible voters) in at least one Trustee Area based on up-to-date CVAP statistics compared to District-wide averages;
  3. Complies with the Federal Voting Rights Act;
  4. Respects communities of interest as much as possible;
  5. Is compact and contiguous as much as possible; and
  6. Follows man-made and natural geographic features as much as possible.

 By-Trustee Area Elections Map Draft 101

By-Trustee Area Elections Map Draft 102

Upcoming Hearing Schedule

  •  November 9, 2021 – 1st Public Hearing regarding Map Options during the Governing Board meeting
  • November 30, 2021 – 2nd Public Hearing regarding Map Options during the Governing Board meeting
  • December 14, 2021 – 3rd Public Hearing regarding Map Options and adopt map option during the Governing Board meeting


The Standard SD community is invited to attend as many public hearings as you would like.  If you cannot attend and wish to review and/or comment regarding the proposed map options under consideration, please submit your comments and feedback to  All map preference feedback will be relayed to the Board prior to its discussion and adoption of a map option. 

 We look forward to your continued participation!