Students entering kindergarten must receive a physical exam. It is commonly called the CHDP (The Child Health and Disability Program). Its purpose is to identify potential illnesses before they become chronic and are more difficult to treat. The program offers free physicals on a regular schedule from birth to 18 years. More information on this program is available by calling 868-0503. Healthy students are more attentive, eager to learn, active and responsive. A student who has a health related problem usually is not interested in what is going on in the classroom. He/she can use precious energy straining to hear or to look at what is happening. Pain or discomfort from a decayed tooth can also be distracting. Start your child out right and have a physical exam done before kindergarten registration. Follow through with your health care provider's recommendations. It will be a learning experience for your child and the teachers and school nurse will thank you for sending your child to school healthy.